Bank failures

It is the nightmare of every bank customer. Especially in today’s market where bankers are under a magnifier and the public opinion is against the financial industry, exorbitant salaries and investment risk.

When a bank is under resolution, a bank run starts or even goes down, customers and investors are afraid to lose their money. The state of bankfailure is a legal term needed to activate the liquidation and compensation procedures.

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Investment fraud

In this day and age where negative interest rates on bank accounts are considered, opportunities with a positive return on investment get more publicity.

Often, the higher the return, the higher the risk. This doesn’t mean that every high return investment is a scam though. If your advisor however is deliberately negligent or has not done his due diligence properly before he introduced you to an opportunity, a liability can arise.

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Corporate services

International and cross border business can be complicated. Especially since countries involved in your dealings can have different rules and regulations. The advantage of these different rules and regulations, combined with international agreements and treaties, can also have a very positive outcome.

Sometimes it is easier, advantageous and more profitable to incorporate a company in another jurisdiction.

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